Michael Kirkpatrick

Associate, Washington DC

Michael Kirkpatrick 300

Michael is a mechanical and plumbing engineer experienced in the design of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, and other mechanical systems for military, educational, industrial, correctional facilities and institutional facilities. His design responsibilities also have included feasibility studies, building heating and cooling load analysis, equipment selection, detailed piping and ductwork layout, construction cost estimating, and construction administration.

Michael’s mechanical design projects have incorporated specialty and sustainable equipment, including chilled beams, heat recovery units, VRF systems, single pipe load-match heat pump systems, displacement ventilation and underfloor distribution systems. He has extensive laboratory experience in large area, exhaust intense spaces with multiple bio-safety cabinets and bio-safety hoods, and including specialty rooms such as radioisotope, perchloric acid, animal holding, spectrometers, NMRs and clean rooms. He has worked extensively with the National Gallery of Art and Smithsonian Institution, specifically on the Sculpture Gallery Renovation, Photographic Curatorial Department Renovation, Microscopy Laboratory Renovation, Chiller Plant Replacement, Lab consolidation, Mammal Hall Renovation, and Butterfly House Design.

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