Megan White

Associate Principal, Oakland, CA

Megan leads Integral Group’s global pursuit for human-forward design practices through the IntegralHEALTH brand. In a ‘connector’ role, Megan strives to bridge the intersection of planetary sustainability with people-centric design, with a focus on climate change as a health issue. In this role, she is able to combine and draw from her experience as a growth strategist, process author, project manager, materials researcher, creator of mindful spaces, and certified yoga teacher. She is dedicated to deep green solutions when it comes to Zero Net Energy, Water, Waste, and Carbon, as well as reducing the negative impacts of the indoor environment on people via conscious design practices. Megan focuses on finding systemic solutions that help people to thrive – whether that is in the workplace, living accommodations, education spaces, healing centers, and beyond.

Megan joined Integral Group’s integrative sustainability team in spring 2014, bringing over 7 years of prior experience in the sustainable construction industry. She has experience in delivering a variety of consulting services, including: LEED, Living Building Challenge, WELL Building Standard, the JUST Label, Climate Action Plans, and EIR/EIA Sustainability Support. Megan’s strengths include expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), material sourcing & Redlist analysis, research & development, project management, equity in the workplace, public speaking, and conducting collaborative charrettes. She has consulted on 80+ deep green projects from a wide array of building typologies.

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