Maru Talavera Diaz

Associate Principal, Oakland

Maru 300

Maru has over 15 years of professional engineering and project management, having managed over thirty large-scale multidisciplinary projects. With a background in civil engineering and fluid mechanics, Maru’s project management experience has spanned from the industrial sector to utility design, including a multitude of project types across industries. As a project manager, it has been her constant goal to manage scope, budget and schedule for timely completion, while fulfilling the specific needs of the client as well as of the end user. She is skilled in coordinating project stakeholders across disciplines, in multicultural environments and across time zones.

With Integral Group, Maru is managing multiple large-scale office and residential developments. Maru is interested in sustainability as she believes the time to act to leave a better world for her family in the future is now. She is proud to be currently working on projects that deliver an immediate local impact, producing healthy, sustainable buildings in her community.

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