Jason McLennan

Executive Marketing Strategist, Seattle

Considered one of the most influential individuals in the green building movement today, Jason F. McLennan’s work has made a strong impact on the shape and direction of green building in the United States and Canada and he is a much sought after presenter and consultant on a wide variety of green building and sustainability topics around the world. He is a winner of the Buckminster Fuller Prize, considered the highest award for socially responsible design, an Ashoka Fellow and has been named one of Yes! Magazine’s Breakthrough 15 individuals helping to reshape the world.

Jason focuses all of his time on creating innovative, breakthrough solutions that transform the built environment. Now CEO of his own green design firm, until 2015 he served as the CEO of the International Living Future Institute – a global NGO that focuses on the transformation to a world that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. Under the Living Future Umbrella, Jason also operates the Cascadia Green Building Council, the Pacific Northwest’s leading organization in the field of green building and sustainable development.

His work in the sustainable design field has been published or reviewed in dozens of journals, magazines, conference proceedings and books including Forbes, CNN World News, Times Magazine, Architecture, Architectural Record, Dwell, Plenty, Metropolis, The NY Times, The Globe and Mail, Fast Company, The Seattle Times, The World and I, Ecostructure, Arcade, Green Source and Environmental Design and Construction Magazine. He is the author of four books; The Philosophy of Sustainable Design, Zugunruhe – The Inner Migration to Profound Environmental Change, The Dumb Architect’s Guide to Glazing Selection, and the Ecological Engineer. The Philosophy of Sustainable Design has been used as a textbook in over seventy universities and colleges throughout North America and is distributed widely throughout Europe and North America.

Jason stays connected to the most high-performing projects currently under development through his partnership with Integral Group – a deep green engineering firm dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective engineering possible. With Integral, Jason focuses on global innovation helping to improve the potential of projects across the world.

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