We’re very excited to see over 150 parties heading to the UN headquarters in New York on Earth Day to sign the Paris Agreement into effect, we only needed 55 for it to be ratified, this overwhelming support on the day the agreement opens up for signatures is an amazing next step. The world is coming together, in what boils down to, making a commitment to stop burning carbon based fuels for energy and transition to a cleaner, regenerative future, where we can limit greenhouse gas emissions and global warming to below 1.5°C.

The COP21 commitment that we took to Paris in December 2015 is a commitment to show owners on every Elementa project how they can get to zero carbon emissions. We have rolled this out on every project since. See http://www. elementaconsulting.com/cop21-elementa-consulting-joinsuk-gbc-in-making-our-climate-pledge/. We have created additional commitments since, essentially upping our game, and enabling our clients to increase their likelihood of attaining a high performance outcome.

  • We will now offer a goal setting workshop on all major projects where we are involved in the concept phase or sooner as part of our base services.
  •  We are committing to publish and maintain a ‘Green List’ of preferred manufacturers and new technologies that can combat climate change and improve quality of life through the built environment.
  • Develop and publish tool kits for our project collaborators so that they can easily do their part to combat climate change and improve quality of life.
  • After 12 to 18 months, collect post occupancy evaluations of all of our buildings’ performance (indoor environmental quality, energy and water – and where available waste).

Having just kicked off a new project here in London, the project team got together at Elementa’s new office near Bank in central London to have an integrated design workshop to help push the performance of the project. We focused on three key areas: the Building Fabric, the Building Systems, and Wellness, quality and productivity.

Have a great earth day everyone, here’s to stopping climate change in its tracks!