VERGE Influencers Offer Reasons to be Hopeful in 2018

Accelerate is one of Integral Group’s four mission values.  GreenBiz recently asked its VERGE influencers from a range of market sectors, “What technology or development makes you hopeful for sustainability in the year ahead?” Leaders from companies like Google, UPS, and CBRE weighed in, recognizing the emergence and popularity of electric vehicles and other trending technologies.  Integral Group CEO, Kevin Hydes, went beyond immediate technology, identifying that how we accelerate the transformation into a clean economy is as important as the tools we use to get there.

Kevin breaks down this acceleration process into 10 T’s: Technology, Timing, Training, Tariffs, Techniques, Tricks & Tips, Telling, Translating, and Transfer. Read Kevin’s full response alongside other industry thought leaders in the full article on

VERGE is a global conference and expo series launched in 2011 focusing on the technologies and systems that accelerate sustainability solutions across sectors in a climate-constrained world. The flagship conference takes place annually in Silicon Valley.