Transformative Urban Lighting Featured in Design Quarterly

Integral Group Associate, Ellie Niakan was a featured author in Design Quarterly‘s latest issue. In her piece Transformative Urban Lighting: When Beauty Becomes a Necessity, Ellie explores how urban design is informed by lighting design choices to create communities that are connected, inviting, as well as safe both day and night.

Read Ellie’s full article here to learn more about new strategies that “celebrate diversity in lighting in our public spaces” and has the power to “connect cities with citizens.”

Internationally recognized for her award-winning lighting design, Ellie Niakan (CLD, LC) brings more than 17 years of experience to Integral Group in Vancouver, where she leads the Integral Light Studio.

Design Quarterly is produced by MediaEdge Communications showcasing British Columbia and Alberta architects and designers. To read the full issue where this article was first published, please click here.