Three Integral Group Projects Achieve LEED Certification

Integral Group is proud to announce that three of our projects have achieved LEED certification.

Kaiser Permanente Regional Lab Chino Hills is a retrofitted building, originally a big-box retail store, which was transformed into a highly efficient laboratory facility. After being initially proposed with no LEED goals, the Integral Group team led an eco-charrette with Kaiser and the design team and it was determined that the lab could achieve LEED Gold. One of the greatest successes of the project are the four interior courtyards which allow easy access to fresh air and sunlight without compromising the tight envelope required by a lab environment. The Integral Group team, which provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, designed the building to have an EUI of 180, significantly lower than Kaiser’s standard of 420. The facility’s performance has surpassed even that number and is currently operating at an EUI of 155 and has achieved LEED v2009 CI Platinum Certification.

The second Integral Group project is San Francisco International Airport’s Consolidated Administration Campus (CAC) which has achieved LEED v4 NC Gold Certification. The CAC houses an array of airport administrative facilities including office spaces, a conference center and the Airport’s first purpose-built storage space for the SFO Museum. Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services, as well as building energy and loads modeling, daylight modeling, and LEED v4 consulting for the project. Our designs provide effective temperature and humidity control for the museum collections storage while also emphasizing energy-efficient HVAC strategies that enhance thermal and visual comfort. In the office spaces, in-slab radiant heating and cooling ensures an expanded thermal comfort range for building occupants. Our careful daylight study coupled with efficient lighting controls maximized the amount of daylight used to light the buildings and minimized the amount of electricity required to run the system.

The Silo South building at the University of California Davis has received LEED v2009 CI Silver Certification. For this project, Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services, along with energy modeling. The energy-efficient HVAC system we designed draws chilled water from the campus’s chiller plant. The campus uses a steam plant to heat the campus, so we designed an energy-efficient heat exchanger to transfer the steam heat to heating hot water for the building. The lighting controls system designed by Integral Group measures the daylight levels within the building and turns off or dims the electrical lighting when there is sufficient daylight. Likewise, occupancy sensors turn off the electrical lights when rooms are unoccupied. The system works in accordance with motorized shading devices that can reduce glare and heat gain from the buildings’ skylights. The project’s design also:

  • Reduced potable water consumption by 21.7% compared to the LEED baseline
  • Reduced lighting power by 29.8% compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline
  • 9% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill

These three unique projects add to Integral Group’s growing list of LEED certified projects.