Ryan Hendricks Joins Sydney as Associate Principal, Electrical

We are excited to welcome Ryan Hendricks as Associate Principal, Electrical to Integral Group’s Sydney office.

Ryan joins Integral Group with over eighteen years’ progressive experience in the Consulting Engineering and Construction industry. He has leveraged this experience across a diverse range of project sectors, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, entertainment, high specification residential and police secure facilities.

Starting his career with a scholarship from South Africa’s national power company, the need to understand how things work and general tech interests, drove Ryan to make a change into Electrical Engineering. Developing the travel bug, Ryan has traveled extensively, along the way delivering successful projects in the flagship architectural, large scale industrial and highly technical commercial spaces in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia and South Africa before settling in Australia.

Passionate about resource awareness and use, Ryan strives to educate and inform people on their impact on the environment, stating “People have become decoupled from what it takes to get product X or Y from raw materials to delivered product.  The link between action and consequence has been largely severed and this influences consumer behavior and expectations.  Consumers are less aware of the costs of their actions, thus less likely to alter behavior and less engaged with sustainability driven actions, as they may feel their contribution is too small.“

“It’s all about the big picture, long view, whatever you want to call it.” Ryan raises the question: if you take individual actions and extrapolate that across the city, country or globe, is it sustainable? Can it be replenished, renewed? If not, how can that be a viable option? “Yes it will take critical mass to make a major change, but understanding and accepting there is a problem, is the first step” says Ryan.

Having enjoyed working on projects that challenge scale and design boundaries, Ryan has realized that the impact of the built environment, which affects everybody whether at home or work, is of great significance. This is where he sees his biggest impact, to change how things are constructed at the beginning, minimizing the amount of resources required to build, operate and replace. Moving across to Integral Group seemed a logical step, working alongside like-minded colleagues with a common goal: ‘how can we do things better?’

Building client relationships through being available and honest, Ryan has established himself in the industry as a trusted adviser. Through early stage involvement, Ryan works with his clients to help them understand regulatory developments, market directions and to help them keep ahead of the competition. His approach to clients and projects is one of a logical and pragmatic view, “each project has financial and performance parameters, how can we work a sustainable solution within those metrics or alternatively demonstrate benefits of changing those metrics?”

Reflecting on his most notable recent project, a 5-hectare, 700 unit residential development in Sydney, Ryan was pleased to work with a client open to a strong renewable component of their building systems. Teasing out solutions by research optioneering and reporting, and looking at the uptake in market predictions locally and globally, reinforced Ryan’s view that collaborative partnership with clients effects better outcomes, as both parties are invested in clearly understood and common goals.

Leading by example, Ryan’s passion also extends to his personal life, riding his e-bike where he can, as well as ensuring his electricity supply is at least offset, if not green power. The next challenge is to offset the rest of his CO2 emissions via a UN accredited CER scheme.