Roy Hudlin Joins Integral Group to Lead the Growth of Technology Services in Vancouver

We are excited to welcome Roy Hudlin, as Associate, Technology in Integral Group’s Vancouver office.

Roy joins Integral Group with over 30 years of experience in the communications and security industries working on projects of various sizes and complexities in healthcare, education, justice, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. He has always been a strong proponent of Systems Integration, and how leveraging existing IP networks and combining emerging systems technologies add value to the entire system. Roy is leading the Technology Services group in Vancouver and will have an opportunity to share his vision of technology integration to the benefit of Integral Group and their client base.

With a career spanning management, design, and contractor roles, Roy brings his immense knowledge of technical, management and financial capabilities when discussing technology projects with various stakeholders. “I worked as a contractor for 25 years, at every level from apprentice to general manager. This allows me to talk intelligently to people on any level, from the tradesperson to the CEO. And because I know how things should work and also what things should cost, I believe this gives me an understanding of what’s possible both technically and financially.”

This comprehensive expertise in the traditional data communications and security industries benefits the client, who may not always know what they need but are guided by Roy’s understanding of their requirements and goals. “True consulting means that you are a professional who provides your client with the right solutions, and not just doing whatever they tell you to do. I want to instill confidence in our clients that we are keeping their best interests in mind, providing the best solution for their stated needs.”

Roy thrives on challenges and brings his passion for working with others to Integral Group, where he will build a team and lead the growth of technology services offered to clients. He is looking forward to complementing the range of disciplines Integral Group can offer, and working with the other discipline leads in cross discipline opportunities and cross selling of services.