Integral Group Announces New Paid Parental Leave Program

A diverse and inclusive employee community is fundamental to Integral Group’s resiliency as a firm. Becoming a parent is a life-changing event, and it essential to our success to support our employees through this important transition.

In our ongoing commitment to equity and diversity within our group, and to provide a family-friendly workplace, Integral Group is pleased to announce that a firm-wide Paid Parental Leave Program will commence January 1, 2020.

As global firm with over 20 offices world-wide, Integral Group highly values talent mobility among our offices.  Understanding the inherent challenge of regionally unique statutory leave programs currently in place, we are offering more generous paid leave options to ensure that where an employee is located does not become a limiting factor in their choice to have a family, and having a family is not a limiting factor in the development of their career.  The decision to make our workplace more family-friendly simultaneously serves the interests of our business and creates a more inclusive culture for our employees.

Employee engagement was crucial to developing this program, and feedback from our staff was instrumental in understanding how to implement it equitably and effectively.  We are proud to support open dialogue that will continue to steer policy decisions impacting our employees’ lives and improve our ability to align our values – trust, nurture, inspire – with ever-changing cultural standards defining what it means to be a forward-thinking employer of choice.


Stephanie 550X385

I am thrilled that our firm has recognized and adopted a policy to support new parents during a monumental life changing event.  Reflecting on my personal journey, I recall that becoming a parent was very exciting, yet also quite stressful to balance the joy of my addition with a feeling of financial strain during my leave.  Our new Paid Parental Leave Program demonstrates that our firm stands behind our Core values of trust, nurture, and inspire.  I truly believe that when a company nurtures their employees, trust is fostered which will in turn flourish into inspiration.

I am very proud that our company continues to push past the status quo in both our company culture and what we continue to deliver within the built environment.

Stephanie Hammar, Principal | Vancouver


David Glossop 550X385

After starting a family and seeing what other industries offer in parental leave benefits, it made me realise how antiquated the building industry is. As a company and an industry, we need to retain a diverse pool of talent.  Our new parental leave represents a positive step forward, and represents Elementa/Integral saying that business as usual isn’t good enough.

Our staff shouldn’t have to choose between a career or a family. I am incredibly proud that our company echoes that ethos. In London we have a relatively young workforce who are looking at their next steps. Having kids had a very positive effect on me and my outlook on life.  It wouldn’t have been possible without my partner’s benefits package. I want to do everything I can to make sure our staff have everything they need to confidently enter parenthood without needing to rely on other benefits.

David Glossop, Principal | London

It is an honor to be a part of a global family united by a common purpose.  Through our new Paid Parental Leave Program, we hope to help nurture the next generation of deep green citizens.

Inquiries about Integral Group’s Paid Parental Leave Program may be directed to [email protected].