Integral Group Staff Support One Girl Can

During the summer of 2018, Integral Group Project Manager Joe Quad went on a trip to Kenya, Africa. Upon his return, he felt inspired to give back to the community that so kindly hosted him. He sponsored a young girl named Purity through the organization, One Girl Can–an institution providing scholarships to high school and university girls in Kenya–to help transform her dream of becoming a mechanical engineer into a reality. To date, the fundraiser has subsidized Purity’s first year of University, and has so far raised $2,800 of its $3,500 goal to fund Purity’s second year.

Traveling across the globe from Vancouver to Nairobi, Joe was exposed to an entirely different country and culture. However, some things remained the same. Similar to Canada and the United States, women in Kenya face immense social obstacles entering male-dominated fields such as engineering. This is matched with financial barriers commonly faced by those in developing countries. By supporting Purity financially, Joe and Integral Group hope to help change the face of the engineering industry.

Purity explains, “Where I’m from many people never join high school after finishing primary. When I was younger I felt so discouraged seeing this and I lost hope of becoming a success. My father lost his job in 2011. Him being the main breadwinner of our family we knew that the beginning of more suffering had began. We were never sure whether we would be getting something to eat daily. My dad used all of his savings to pay for me to go to high school. I managed to graduate one of the top students in my year. I want to go to university to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering and become a Quantity Surveyor. Education is the most important thing to me as I believe it is a tool that can help us transform our society, country and eventually the world at large.”

Integral Group is a passionate supporter of women in engineering. We are inspired by Purity’s hard work, and Integral Group staff are honored to support her.

Please click here to support Purity and to learn more about her story.

Integral Group hosted a fundraising BBQ in Summer 2018 with all proceeds going towards Purity’s cause.