IG | VISION Next Generation District Energy Systems Live Event Recording

District energy systems are gaining momentum across the globe.

As traditional “heating-only” systems no longer meet current needs, Integral Group has developed innovative, “next generation” district energy solutions that offer stellar environmental performance.

These systems provide both heating and cooling, flexibility to accommodate “low-carbon” and “low-exergy” sources, and cutting-edge energy conversion technologies. Using our local and global case studies, this presentation will introduce the “next generation” of district energy solutions, led by Principal Vlad Mikler.


IG | VISION is a live stream webinar series sharing innovation and thought leadership from subject matter experts across the globe at Integral Group, Elementa Consulting, Elementa Engineering and Umow Lai. Spanning 5 countries and 21 offices, these webinars aim to serve and connect our clients, partners and colleagues all over the world.

Sessions will include a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q+A session.  

Watch Next Generation District Energy Systems 


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