New WorldGBC Infographic Outlines the Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Elementa are proud sponsor’s of World Green Building Council‘s Advancing Net Zero programme. See below World GBC’s article on the release of their new infographic.

New WorldGBC infographic outlines the pathways to net zero carbon buildings

The World Green Building Council has today released a new infographic highlighting key information relating to its global project, Advancing Net Zero. The project, which calls for 100% net zero carbon buildings by 2050, was launched in 2016 and has already seen concerted action across its 15 participating Green Building Councils, as well as promising engagement in the topic across the rest of the network.

Our Theory of Change, as outlined in our report From Thousands to Billions, published in May 2017, is that we can reach our goal through the coordinated action of Businesses, Government and NGOs. Our GBCs have been busy responding to this call to action, developing mechanisms and initiatives to facilitate mass market transformation, and lead the way, inspiring the business and government communities to follow.

As part of the project, 11 Green Building Councils have committed to developing net zero certification schemes in 2018/2019, with 5 already launched as of March 2018. Whilst certification is recognised as an important tool to increase awareness and drive uptake, not all GBCs administer certification schemes. Other pathways of action include engagement with corporate members and government, and developing industry capacity through training and education activities.

Along with these pathways, the infographic also includes key milestone dates, WorldGBC’s definition for net zero carbon buildings, and the four key project principles ensure alignment and commonality across global markets, whilst enabling specific market applications.

The project is gearing up for a very busy and exciting year, so look out for more resources and announcements being released soon!