Net Positive Energy + Water Conference

San Francisco will be the hub for advancing Net Zero and regenerative design on February 4 and 5 as International Living Future Institute comes to town to host the Net Positive Energy + Water conference.

The conference will bring together leading experts from around the world to develop net zero energy and water concepts through the restorative framework of the Living Building Challenge™, the world’s most rigorous green building standard.

The Bullitt Center’s Denis Hayes and ILFI’s Jason F. McLennan will deliver keynotes. Additionally, Integral’s John Andary will chair a session on net zero energy costs and financing models and David Kaneda will chair a session on fresh ideas for plugloads. Project team members and building owners will discuss lessons learned, case studies, emerging technologies, and energy and water issues on such building projects as the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the Exploratorium, UniverCity Childcare and many other leading-edge buildings.

Tours of four Net Zero buildings in Oakland precede the conference meetings. In addition, Integral Group invites conference participants to contact Integral about setting up a private tour—before or after the Net Positive Conference—of Integral’s San Jose office, the first net zero office certified by International Living Future Institute.