Moving Towards a Low-Carbon USA

Integral Group is aware that climate change, if left unchecked, will have major effects on the communities in which we operate and the economy at large. That’s why we are supporting this historic initiative to demonstrate our unrelenting commitment to a low carbon future for all. Alongside more than 620 companies and investors across the United States, we are proud to be leading our industry in supporting this effort by Low-Carbon USA to encourage the incoming administration and new Congress to stick with the commitments we’ve made in the Paris Climate Agreement. Failure to transition toward a low-carbon US economy now will only exacerbate the climate-related problems we’ll experience in the future.

“Nothing is more important than doing everything we can to halt the human impacts on climate change,” says Integral Group CEO Kevin Hydes.

Integral Group is committed to reducing carbon footprints both in our own operations and in the buildings we design, and we recognize that government leadership is essential for spurring widespread climate action and the transition to low-carbon energy. That’s why more than 600 U.S. businesses are calling on our elected leaders in Washington to support a low-carbon USA.

We welcome the new administration and Congress and hope that we can work together to build a healthy, thriving, low-carbon economy that will ensure our nation’s economy prosperity for generations to come.