LETI Develops Draft London Plan Energy Policy Response

Making a change in our current landscape can often procrastinate, however LETI (London Energy Transformation Initiative) have defied this by accelerating their initiative in less than a year to create an industry-wide movement that has influenced policy within London. Within the last 12 months, LETI has hosted public workshops, established peer collaborative task forces, and has successfully engaged with the Mayor of London’s office on key elements of the London Plan’s energy strategy.

While LETI will be key to implementing policy changes to help London become a Zero Carbon capital, it will not be possible without wider support of the construction industry. Over 40 plus organisations have already pledged their support and more continue to sign up daily.

A new report outlining LETI’s response to the London Plan was released yesterday at the 2018 LETI Workstream Launch event.

The recommendations reviewed by the LETI taskforce, create a cohesive response and solid recommendations for the GLA. The report revolves around nine key elements in our vision for London – these were born from the LETI workshop groups: ‘The Path to Zero Carbon’, ‘Energy Monitoring’, ‘Demand Management’, ‘Embodied Carbon’ and the ‘Heating Hierarchy’.

LETI believes that current energy policy relating to carbon emissions in buildings within London will not deliver Net Zero Carbon for new buildings by 2030 and therefore recommends the following alterations to the Draft London Plan to get London on the right trajectory. These proposals will help in the delivery of buildings that are more energy efficient, lower carbon and less expensive to occupy.

You can view and download a full version of the report here:

Read the summary of Key Consultation Response elements here

LETI 2018 – Get Involved

As well as advising policy makers on policy changes, we must also implement the LETI principles within our everyday work and advocate that others do the same. LETI is therefore running three workstreams in 2018 that look to move us closer to a zero emissions London.

Advancing NET Zero: Developing a Zero carbon framework with the UKGBC
As part of the global Advancing Net Zero campaign, this project will develop a framework for net zero carbon buildings for the UK market which builds on existing initiatives and standards.

Leading by example: Developing a LETI appendix for energy statements
How can the industry go further than the standard energy statement? This could involve providing additional information (e.g. kWh/m2), or proposing an alternative approach to compliance
e.g. adopting “Design for Performance”.

LETI legacy: Implementing the LETI principles
How we can practically implement the positive outcomes of LETI over the long-term and to keep the programme active beyond the London Plan consultation. For example it may be that we form an advisory panel that could assist local authorities.

LETI urge you to add your voice to the conversation and join us by:

1. Submitting your own London Plan Consultation Response. Find our guide to submitting a consultation response at LETI London. Feel free to use our recommendations or expand upon them to reflect your concerns for a growing London.
2. Signing up to Support LETI and join our community at LETI London.
3. Registering to get involved in one of the LETI workstreams as we continue to push for change in London and develop industry-led guidance at LETI London.

Organisation supporters include UKGBC, Good Homes Alliance, BSRIA, Bioregional, Currie & Brown, Linkcity, Allies and Morrison, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and Pollard Thomas Edwards. For a full list visit the Organisation Supporters.

Those interested in participating or learning more are encouraged to visit LETI London.

LETI was featured in the January edition of the CIBSE Journal. Click here to read the article reflecting on LETI’s achievements over the past year.