Integral Group Earns LEED Proven Provider Status

Integral Group earned USGBC LEED Proven Provider status  for Building Design + Construction (BD+C) LEED projects which includes new construction, core and shell, schools, retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

“We went through an extensive “evaluation” period with Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). We had to submit high quality projects for review and earn a high grade (above average or excellent) or score for so many projects in order to prove ourselves for the program,” said Marilyn Specht, Associate, Senior Sustainability Consultant. This high-achieving status takes multiple years to obtain and is granted to companies that demonstrate a high quality of work, have direct contact with the review teams, and streamlined reviews.

“This sets us apart as leading experts and gives us direct access to review teams to work through tricky or highly technical challenges that may come up on our projects,” Specht added. A LEED Proven provider exemplifies commitment to sustainability, their clients, the quality of work executed, and technical expertise. Integral Group is now listed as a LEED Proven Provider on the USGBC website here.