Join Elementa to Fix London’s Broken Energy Policy on May 8th

Elementa are on a mission, to Fix London’s Broken Energy Policy. The campaign led by Clara Bagenal George, this year’s UKGBC’s Rising Star winner, seeks to influence positive change in the next iteration of the GLA’s carbon policy. In this month’s CIBSE Journal, Clara explains her call to action and why we urgently need performance-led policy, based on metrics that drive net zero energy projects.

Elementa are calling upon stakeholders across the design, planning, construction and development sectors to join our workshop on May 8th to bring together diverse viewpoints to develop concrete recommendations for a new Energy Policy for London – helping to shape a compelling vision for a Zero Emission Capital.

The workshop is being facilitated by international Energy Policy expert Dave Ramslie, a Principal in our Vancouver office. Dave is a leading figure in the development of energy and carbon policy for cities across North America, including Washington DC, Vancouver and Toronto.

The outcomes from the event will be documented in a Summary Paper that will be presented to the Mayor as a stakeholder submission to the update of the London Plan.

We already have commitments to participate from leading developers, engineers, architects, contractors and representatives drawn from across London’s boroughs. If you are interested in joining the workshop and being part of the group to Fix London’s Broken Energy Policy, please email Clara directly at [email protected]