James Kral Joins Integral Group Sydney Office

Integral Group is delighted to welcome James Kral as Associate Principal, Mechanical in our newly established Sydney office. James brings with him over seventeen years of experience in mechanical design and project leading, working on a wide range of projects in the commercial, education, residential, retail and transport sectors.

With an interest in science and transport, James steered away from his family traditions of teaching and finance intrigued by aeronautical engineering. Deciding mechanical engineering was the place he could make the biggest impact he ventured into a rewarding career in engineering consultancy.

Working across various sized firms and projects, from small to large, James was able to oversee and establish in depth knowledge of project fundamentals early on, to which he credits his solid understanding of client relationships and their project needs today. “Supporting clients is about being available. It’s imperative to keep them informed and be open and honest.”

His most memorable project which largely shaped his approach today, was a client with two buildings on one site requiring the ability to generate power to serve both buildings such that they operated in island mode. The fuel for the generators was to be produced on site from waste paper and waste wood via the gasification process. Their solution was an Australian first and in untested territory, the project taught him the importance of research, due diligence, persistence and communication, to ensure the right solution is delivered to the client.

Reflecting on why he was drawn to Integral Group, James was inspired at the ability to ensure Deep Green Engineering was at the forefront of all his projects. Leading by example, he believes it’s our ethical responsibility to preserve our planet and its limited resources. As a mechanical engineer, he acknowledges his greatest impact is through energy efficiency by good design practices and controls, which can be achieved even on ageing buildings.

James brings to Integral Group his passion to work as a team solving complex problems using creative solutions. Having several prominent mentors guide him through his career both personally and professionally, James’ leadership style as is with clients, is strongly based on communication, as well as being approachable and available. He takes pride in the ability inspire and nurture today’s young professionals through their careers and to imagine out of the box solutions.

Andrew Mather, ANZ Managing Director, commented “I had worked with James at a previous practice where he demonstrated excellent technical knowledge and worked very well with his peers. He was well respected by those around him and his clients.”