Integral Group is proud to sponsor WGBC’s latest project ‘Advancing Net Zero’.

Integral Group CEO, Kevin Hydes affirms the need for this bold new project, “The global green building community have worked hard to get us this far, but our work is not done. Net Zero represents the next big leap for green buildings and we’re proud to sponsor WGBC’s latest project ‘Advancing Net Zero’ to make this a reality as soon as possible.”

Integral Group is committed to Advancing Net Zero through their work day in, day out and are excited that the World Green Building Council have brought together some of the best and brightest to launch this new global project. As a global, deep green engineering consulting firm, Integral Group, have designed over 65 net zero projects, several of which have been independently certified Net Zero through metered verification, producing more renewable energy each year than consumed.

Integral Group have had the opportunity to deliver net zero projects in many typologies and scales. Whether it’s a new build or retrofitted office, laboratory, campus or city, Integral Group and their collaborators have risen to the challenge to make a seemingly impossible and much needed future a present reality. The success that their clients and partners have shared have led many to wonder, “What’s the secret to delivering net zero buildings?” Kevin, credits two key ingredients, “positive people and simple engineering.”

Kevin Hyde Advancing to Net Zero

We’re proud to be counted among these other courageous sponsors and GBCs that are stepping up and making this project a priority through their work. Learn more about the World Green Building Council’s project here.


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