Integral Group Projects Considered Game-Changers

Two of Integral Group’s projects were recently considered as game-changing green buildings of 2014 by GreenBiz.

The 24,000-square-foot office for DPR Construction, a national builder specializing in sustainable projects. The San Francisco office was designed to give occupants full access to daylight, the building uses lighting strategies such as solar tubes, skylights with dynamic glazing, and lighting sensors to improve the quality and access of daylight throughout the entirety of the building. Multiple biophilic elements are incorporated throughout the space, including two living walls and a living wine bar. Targeting LEED Platinum v.4 and Net Zero certification.

The 31,759-square-foot 435 Indio Way, Silicon Valley office is a groundbreaking project conceived as a demonstration of the business case for a Zero Energy Cost renovation of Class C real estate, resulting in a highly desirable office building that capitalizes on the financial value of no energy utility cost.

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