Integral Group Officially a Service Partner of the Toronto 2030 District

Integral Group has recently signed on as an official Building Industry Service Partner of the Toronto 2030 District. Representing Integral, Chris Piché will assume a seat on the District’s Advisory Board.

Currently operating as an Emerging District, the Toronto 2030 District is seeking formal certification as a District in the Spring of 2015. The District is a private sector-led initiative supporting district-wide reductions in building related energy, water and transportation emissions across Toronto’s downtown core. High performance buildings have proven track records of simultaneously increasing business and property profitability, reducing environmental impacts, and improving occupant health. This ground-breaking initiative will keep Toronto competitive and support the industry at large in creating a healthy and livable city in 2030.

First established in Seattle and spreading across North America, 2030 Districts support the alignment of conservation efforts and building metrics under the common vision and goals of the 2030 Challenge for Planning. Sponsored by Enbridge, the Ontario Association of Architects, and Sustainable Buildings Canada, the Toronto 2030 District seeks to convene key stakeholders in the local building sector in support of a more effective building conservation community active across all building types in the District.