Integral Group Leaders to Present at the 2016 Living Future Unconference

Living Future is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement seeking solutions to the most daunting global issues of our time. This year’s three-day conference will focus on the diverse layers of Truth + Transparency.

At Integral Group, we are excited and looking forward to the 2016 Living Future unConference, where our team will be gathering with other leaders in the industry to learn, share and enjoy the four day conference in Seattle, WA. Leaders from several of our Integral Group offices will draw on their knowledge and experience for presentations at the unConference. Join us for the following presentations:

Performance Engineering: Using Operations Data to Inform Design

Friday, May 13 | 1:30 pm


  • Neil Bulger, Principal
  • Lisa Fay Matthiessen, Managing Principal
  • John McDonald, Principal
  • Ed Garrod, Principal (Elementa Consulting)

Many buildings don’t perform as predicted; the solution is to bring performance realities back to design. This panel investigates design and performance of high-performance projects, considering how lessons learned in operations can be incorporated into the design process. We review predicted and actual metrics: water, energy, cost, and carbon. Panelists will include the lead engineer and the energy analyst for the first net-zero lab building, and an international designer with experience in performance tracking systems.

Me, You and the Community We Know: Four Cities Transitioning to a Clean Energy Future

Friday, May 13 | 10:30 am

Presenter: Dave Ramslie, Principal

The future belongs to cities, but only to cities that can plan for, implement, and adapt to our changing world. Come hear how four very different cities – Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, and Ann Arbor and Flint, Michigan – are moving towards high performance buildings, better transportation options, and transitioning to cleaner energy. Learn how cities are actively engaging with citizens, politicians, and professionals to initiate and enable the municipality to lead the community towards a more prosperous, resilient and sustainable future. Also, find out what challenges cities have to overcome and how to help the community you live in move forward.

Integral Group is proud to be a Bioregional Motivator sponsor for the 2016 Living Future Unconference