Illuminating Victoria through Sustainable Design

Victoria, BC (January 18, 2016): Integral Group Victoria has recently welcomed new Associate Michael Phillips, who will lead their electrical group with a new focus on lighting design. With his extensive experience, Michael will provide localized support to the existing and new portfolio of work.

While Michael’s passion lies in lighting and electrical services, his background in mechanical engineering has provided him with a unique perspective that allows for better project coordination and delivery. Driven by the pursuit of technical knowledge, Michael earned his engineering degree in fluid dynamics before starting a career in electrical engineering. From the start of his engineering career, Michael developed a love for both the science and art behind lighting design. His ability to draw upon his understanding of intricate and complex lighting systems has led him to produce breath-taking designs for industry leading projects.

Having traveled throughout his career, Michael has delivered a variety of projects across North America and in Australia. Among his most notable projects are the award-winning Turtle Bay Museum in Redding, CA and the Pacific Opera House in Victoria, BC. Michael has also assisted in sustainable, electrical retrofits of hundreds of projects. Now, he looks forward to leading the march for sustainable and efficient design in Victoria, raising lighting practices to new heights.

Expressing his reasoning behind joining Integral Group, Michael explains, “what really attracted me was the focus on sustainable design, and I saw that Integral was actually able to execute authentic green engineering, while simultaneously applying a boutique approach to client service. I also feel very comfortable and at home with Integral’s small dynamic team in Victoria”

In the immediate future, Michael hopes to use his influence to strengthen the lighting design discipline within Integral, and use sustainable design to make sure architects’ visions are realized. His personal interest in how people respond to the quality of the visual environment ensures his delivery of top quality performance in each project, as he treats every project as a unique challenge and leaves a little piece of himself in every design. Michael’s integrated approach to lighting and how it interacts with other components of the building is a perfect addition to not only Integral Group, but also the developing Victoria lighting market.

About Integral Group: Integral Group is an interactive global network of design professionals collaborating under a single deep green engineering umbrella. The organization provides a full range of building system design, energy analysis, and third party commissioning services with a staff widely regarded as innovative leaders in their fields. Integral has offices and affiliates throughout North America and around the world.