Integral Group Celebrates GBCA Expert Reference Panel Appointments

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has announced the 2021 GBCA Expert Reference Panels. Integral Group is excited to announce the appointment of three Sustainability team members, Alex Krickx, Melissa Nouel, and Tatiana Schonhobel.

The GBCA Expert Reference Panels assist with a defined topic of engagement. The GBCA appoints the panels which are made up of members with experience and expertise on that relevant panel.

“I’m really proud of Alex, Mel and Tati – their appointments across three Expert Reference Panels are testament to their passion for transformative action and their position amongst sustainability leaders in Australia. I can’t wait to see what they and their fellow panel members do over the next few years.” David Barker, Senior Principal, Sustainability

Read below for more details on each panel appointment:

Alex Krickx | Energy & Carbon Expert Reference Panel


Australia has committed to all new buildings and fit-outs having no carbon emissions from their operations by 2030. And existing buildings by 2050. Alex will join the panel to guide and support the industry towards achieving this ambitious, but important goal.

“I see emissions and embodied carbon associated with buildings as one of the key challenges and opportunities of this moment.” Alex Krickx, Associate, Sustainability Consultant

Melissa Nouel | People and Wellbeing Expert Reference Panel

Melissa Nouel_SQ

This panel is central to the GBCA Future Focus program and is a recognition of the connections between buildings and physical, mental, and social health. Working with the panel, she will be challenging the complex cross-over, putting the health and wellbeing of all Australian’s at the forefront of development.

“Being a part of the People and Wellbeing Expert Reference Panel is such an exciting opportunity to learn from the best people in the industry while contributing with my experience to the GBCA. Working closely with a council that pushes boundaries daily to drive the much needed positive change I want to see, is both an inspiring and humbling prospect. I am looking forward to making improvements on our build environment to promote health and wellbeing not only for people, but for all other fellow inhabitants of the planet.” Melissa Nouel, Sustainability Consultant

Tatiana Schonhobel | Nature and Biodiversity Expert Reference Panel


Rapid urbanization is threatening biodiversity and impacting our ecosystems. Australian cities rely on healthy ecosystems to thrive. Tatiana will sit on the panel to offer her expertise in helping drive the shift in industry required to adequately account for the benefits of nature and biodiversity.

“There’s an incredible need to rebalance the built and natural systems in our cities. Bringing nature into our urban habitat should be a priority to support the intrinsic relationship between humans and the natural world, and to foster a sense of custodianship.” Tatiana Schonhobel, Sustainability Consultant

These achievements are a direct result of the commitment and passion that Alex, Melissa, and Tatiana have for sustainable development. Integral Group is very proud of these GBCA Expert Reference Panel appointments and looks forward to seeing the impact they will have on the future of the built environment in Australia.