Integral Group Supports GBCA Carbon Positive Roadmap


On Friday, June 29, 2018, Integral Group joined the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) in its launch of the Carbon Positive Roadmap for the built environment as a program sponsor and advocate.  The launch of the roadmap took place at the GBCA Ministerial Breakfast with keynote speaker, Hon. Don Harwin, NSW Minister for Energy and Utilities, announcing, “I am committed to putting my foot on the accelerator on this issue.”

Building off the success of the Zero Carbon Building Commitment launched at the World Green Building Council Congress, the Carbon Positive Roadmap seeks to pave the way for a carbon positive future by engaging built environment stakeholders in the New South Wales region and beyond.

The roadmap sets out five goals to drive a permanent transition to buildings and fitouts that operate with

  • No greenhouse gas emissions; and use renewable energy for all its needs. These outcomes achieve this, while also providing high quality and resilient spaces for occupants.
  • It lists ten actions that all building owners and tenants can take to achieve this transition.
  • The roadmap practically addresses issues associated with:
    • total and peak energy demand
    • source of energy
    • measures to support grid decarbonisation
    • tenant and building owner relationship
    • the embodied carbon in products and services
    • the phase-out of refrigerants
    • emissions from transport, water consumption and waste
    • offsets where relevant
  • The roadmap identifies targets for both Green Star rated and all other buildings and fitouts. It sets both leadership targets and the maximum dates by which all buildings and fitouts must deliver these targets
  • To support the transition of the rest of the built environment, the roadmap proposes a range of policy positions for industry to support. It calls for:
    • a forward trajectory of upgrades to energy efficiency requirements in the national construction code
    • an expansion of requirements for the mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency in buildings and fitouts
    • for broader reforms in the energy sector for practical incentives to support building upgrades and retrofits
    • and for the development of carbon neutral products and services.

To read the full copy of the GBCA Carbon Positive Roadmap, click here.