Ellie Niakan Joins Integral Light Studio

(Vancouver, BC): Integral Group welcomes award-winning lighting designer Ellie Naikan, Associate, as Lead for the Vancouver Integral Light Studio. Ellie is internationally recognized for her lighting designs, and brings over 16 years of lighting design experience to Integral Group. The Integral Light Studio consulting team provides a full spectrum of services to meet the need for highly aesthetic, functional, and streamlined lighting design.

“Ellie brings so much passion to her work and it really shows in every project she takes on, large or small,” explains Vancouver Principal, Bruno Vahedi. “Her experience on international projects provides a unique perspective to our local market and will allow us to be competitive on a global scale. We are thrilled to have her on our team.”

Ellie is the first in Canada to have earned the International Lighting Designer Certification, and is among a select few worldwide that have achieved the distinction of Certified Lighting Designer (CLD). Ellie has led and worked collaboratively on a variety of projects, including cultural, recreational, residential, commercial, healthcare, transportation, and urban lighting design. Having worked closely with international architects and designers across the globe, her expansive portfolio includes work from Germany, England, and Canada.

With a focus on innovative lighting solutions for the human experience, Ellie considers health, wellness, and sustainability as intrinsic elements in developing a harmonious atmosphere expressed through the built environment. She is a sought after speaker and has served on various lighting design panels throughout her career, and she is currently teaching Lighting Design at LaSalle College in Vancouver.

A few of her notable projects prior to joining Integral Group include the Creekside Paddling Centre (pictured below), the New Campus for Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Centre Culturel et Touristique Trifolion (Luxembourg), Betriebs Restaurant in the Boehringer Pharma KG (Germany), and the Northern Rockies Regional Recreational Centre.

Prior to joining Integral Group, Ellie provided lighting design services for the Creekside Paddling Centre in Vancouver, BC.

About Integral Light Studio
Integral Light Studio provides expert consulting services around all aspects of the luminous environment. While normative practice often silos lighting to an afterthought in the design process, we see an inherent link not only between daylighting and electric lighting design, but also between the illuminated environment and all other aspects of the built environment. This integrated mindset reveals connections between lighting, user comfort, human experience, facade design, energy consumption, and system design.

Our deep understanding of architecture, interior design, human needs, optics, and the physics of light equips us to design unique and innovative solutions which balance visual comfort, energy efficiency, health, and beauty. Whether the source be electric light or daylight, we understand the nuanced process of balancing and controlling illumination in the visual environment to enhance spaces and places with light.

Our creative Integral Light Studio team has diverse experiences in lighting design, empowering them to approach lighting design from both an aesthetic and a technical viewpoint. By blending the artistry of light, form, and space with a wide palette of sustainable lighting concepts and technologies, Integral Light Studio provides user-centric, aesthetic, and harmonious, yet elegantly efficient and environmentally sound, solutions.