EGBC Announces Permanent Member-in-Training Program

Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) announced its pilot Accredited Employer Member-in-Training (MIT) Program is now a permanent program offering. The MIT program serves as a collaboration platform between EGBC and engineering companies to expedite the process of EGBC membership and professional licensing for employees. Integral Group is among the list of accredited organizations that participated in the pilot program, and several Vancouver staff have acquired their Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) designations through this avenue.

Registered employers of MIT work with EGBC registration staff to create their own EGBC-approved EIT (Engineer-in-Training) programs. This process ensures that employers are providing EIT employee applicants with guidance and experience that directly aligns with EGBC’s registration requirements. Consequently, EIT applicants in the MIT program qualify for fast-track application review following their four-year experience prerequisite demonstrated through the Competency Based Assessment System. Normally the review process takes eight to sixteen weeks, but the Accredited Employer MIT program reduces this timeline to five weeks or less.

The MIT program has had great success with the accreditation of seventeen organizations and thirty-four former MIT—now licensed—employees so far. The MIT program benefits both employers and employees.  Employers enjoy improved staff retention, talent acquisition, and external recognition.  EIT employees benefit from enhanced EGBC-mandated training and support, streamlined application process, and a strong P.Eng. application.

Currently, the MIT program is only available for Engineers-in-Training. The program will be offered to Geoscientists-in-Training (GITs) once a GIT-specific assessment system has been established.

For more information please visit Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia.