EcoDistrict Founding Member

Integral Group is an early leader in the ecodistrict marketplace. We are working with communities to help define their energy and carbon goals and targets, as well as helping to identify some of the best opportunities for energy savings or renewable energy generation at the building and district scale. “At Integral Group, we wanted to support and assist a new organization that is focused on solving the issues of sustainability at the district and community scale. EcoDistricts is the convener of this dialogue, and as an industry pioneer and leader, we are proud to be a Founding Member,” said Kevin Hydes, Founder and CEO of Integral Group.

When working on district-scale projects, we collaborate with cities to offer solutions that are policy, regulation, program and infrastructure based. We also provide municipal staff training to ensure that public policies and programs support innovation at the neighborhood scale. For example, we have designed and implemented green building incentive programs and green building codes and standards, as well as land use policies that support district energy and smart growth principles. In addition to working with municipalities, Integral Group works with existing neighborhoods, campuses, large landholders, and new brownfield developments to perform project feasibility analysis, utility business case development, and system design.