DPR Construction featured in the New London Architecture ‘London: Design Capital’ Exhibition

Elementa are delighted to announce that we have been selected to feature in the New London Architecture’s ‘London: Design Capital’ exhibition. Opening to the public today, the exhibition and insight study explores the global reach of London’s built environment industries. DPR Construction, winner of this year’s International Project of the Year at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards, has been chosen by the NLA to feature in the exhibition which runs from May to July in the NLA Galleries at The Building Centre.


The showcase displays 220 projects delivered by London practices across 65 countries, with a combined value of over £121 billion. At the exclusive preview of the international exhibition held last night, speakers Peter Murray, NLA Chairman and Jerome Frost OBE, UKMEA Leader of Consulting at ARUP, commented on the booming London construction sector and its impressive £16.9 billion current value being larger than that of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai. Speaking proudly about the international design power house that is London, they continued that London architecture exported around the globe is the design envy of the world. In China alone, an estimated 3 out of 4 pitching firms for each project are from London based firms. Close collaboration between consultants was recognised as being largely responsible for the Capital standing out as a key international force where hierarchy does not stifle innovation.


Representing North America in the exhibition, our selected project located in the famous Bay City has been credited as the first ever net zero office in San Francisco. The award winning office renovation features unique green solutions, including dynamic glass that tints to let in the appropriate amount of light, solar panels that generate more electricity than the building needs and fans to circulate air. Our Group provided engineering design services for this commercial building that stands both as a workplace and a sustainability showcase.

NLA model

Our project will be showcased in the NLA Galleries during the 2 month exhibition which also includes further events exploring key themes around ‘London: Design Capital’ as well as forming part of the London Festival of Architecture 2017 programme. The insight study has also been compiled into a book which is available for free download (click here) and is being presented to The Prime Minister Theresa May today by the NLA who will lobby the government to ensure the unique export brand that is London Design receives continued support.

If you are interested in seeing our project (Number 17 of the North America section), you can visit the exhibition at:

NLA Galleries

Wednesday 17th May – Friday 7th July 2017

The Building Centre

26 Store Street, Bloomsbury

London WC1E 7BT