IG | VISION Design Analytics, High Performance, Low Risk | Live Event Recording

Today’s designs pursue lofty performance goals for people, place, and planet. How can analytics support these goals while minimizing cost and complexity?

Shaping the built environment involves a broad range of design considerations – from resource efficiency and green infrastructure to urban amenity and occupant satisfaction. Early intervention informed by targeted analytics can unlock high-performance design and protect stakeholders from costly retrofits, program delays, and reputation risks.

Principal David Barker guides us through how to leverage design analytics to take building performance to the next level.

Watch Design Analytics: High Performance, Low Risk

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IG | VISION is a live stream webinar series sharing innovation and thought leadership from subject matter experts across the globe at Integral Group, Elementa Consulting, Elementa Engineering, and Umow Lai. Spanning 5 countries and 21 offices, these webinars aim to serve and connect our clients, partners, and colleagues all over the world.

This session included a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q+A.