Integral Group Hosts Crofton House School Co-op Students

During the week of July 16-20, 2018, Integral Group will be hosting the first of two groups of co-op placement students from the all-girls high school, Crofton House School. The students will be attending presentations at the Vancouver office hosted by various female leaders within the company. This program aims to expose young girls to the work consulting firms do and help them understand what a career in an engineering field entails.

Women have been steadily unrepresented within the engineering world, making up only 17% of newly licensed engineers within the last few years. A newly founded initiative by Engineers Canada, titled 30 by 30, aims to increase that percentage to 30 by the year 2030. To achieve this, firms all across Canada must make conscious efforts to abolish stigmas surrounding women in engineering, and the workplace as a whole.

Integral Group is a strong supporter of women in engineering and Engineers Canada, and is actively taking steps to stimulate change. We hope that this partnership with Crofton House can show engineering in a positive light to young girls, and stimulate a passion within them that we all share.