Conrad Schartau Re-Elected to CaGBC Board of Directors

CONRAD SCHARTAU, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Principal at Integral Group, has been re-elected to the CaGBC Board of Directors after serving on the board throughout 2013. The Board of Directors consists of members of key building industry sectors throughout Canada and is responsible for governing the operations of the Canadian Green Building Council. The passion and commitment that these individuals dedicate to the board is crucial to support the CaGBC’s mission to “lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, health green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada.”

Conrad previously served a one-year term, and will now serve a three-year term. His past experience on the board has enabled him to steer the CaGBC in alignment with the ever-changing needs of the market, and he looks forward to seeing this project through.

Conrad enthusiastically explains, “Integral Group views itself as a vehicle to achieve change, not only as a group, but also as individuals. I’m excited to continue to bring this outlook to the CaGBC and collaboratively accelerate the transformation to high-performing green buildings throughout Canada.”

Integral Group is eager to contribute towards the CaGBC’s goal to make Every Building Greener.

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