Cobalt Engineering Launches as Integral Group


January 2013 (Vancouver, BC): After a year of deep collaboration between Integral Group and Cobalt Engineering, it was clear that the core values and mission of both companies had coalesced into a unified objective – delivering deep green engineering. With management and staff supporting the shared vision, Cobalt Engineering was inspired to align itself fully with Integral Group by rebranding all of the Cobalt offices.

As Integral Group, all offices will continue to deliver the high level of service locally that their clients are accustomed to receiving. Existing leadership and staff will also remain the same, and clients can continue to liaise with their current Cobalt contacts.

Central to Integral Group’s philosophy is the desire to provide high quality, expert advice through a network of companies that specialize in green building system design and energy engineering across a range of industries. Championing the use of the most innovative and sustainable systems, Integral Group will continue to give life to high performance building and communities that both respect and enrich the earth.