Carl McKenzie Set to Expand the Influence of IHEEM

The Managing Principal of our Oxford studio, Carl McKenzie has recently been appointed as Chairman of the Professional Development committee of IHEEM. The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) was founded in the 1940’s with its primary purpose to act as a knowledge sharing institute, specialising in Healthcare design, construction and best practice use and functionality of healthcare buildings and organisations such as hospitals. Closely aligned with the NHS, IHEEM keeps members up to date with developing technology and changing regulations within the sector. Many countries around the world utilise the expertise of IHEEM when defining their own policies and best practice guidelines for their own organisations.

Carl’s Vision

With extensive international experience in healthcare in both private and public sector, coupled with a strong background in environmental engineering, Carl will help to steer IHEEM to new heights. McKenzie aspires to develop this already well-established institution into an agile forward-looking organisation with influence throughout the healthcare industry nationally, and the ever-increasing integrated global scale. By enhancing the UK’s ability to translate its expertise in the sector, where we blend wellness and recovery to improve our healthcare designs, we can disseminate knowledge and develop relationships much further afield.  Carl has his sights set high already, and see’s IHEEM role as pivotal.