Bilal Maarouf Presents Passive House Unraveled: Debunking the Myths Around

Bilal Maarouf, Senior Energy Analyst presented at Scott Builders Breakfast Builder Series May 7 – 9, 2019  in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary:


The Spring 2019 Breakfast Builder Series Passive House Unraveled: Debunking the Myths Around Passive House featured talks from notable speakers in the industry on the benefits and returns of Passive House construction. Over 250 attendees joined the seminar series which focused on a review of Valleyview Town Hall, a Scott Builders and Integral Group project targeting Passive House certification. Strategies involving Passive House principles and Modular Passive House construction were also discussed.

Bilal Maarouf specializes in high performance buildings and energy modeling, particularly in achieving near and Net Zero targets. He has presented at a variety of academic institutions and major conferences on energy performance, Net Zero, and energy modeling.

Watch Bilal’s talk and others at the Breakfast Builder Series recordings here.