Askew’s Uptown Grocery Store Designed to Use 19 Percent Less Energy

Askew’s Uptown grocery store in Salmon Arm, BC was designed so that the back of the store faces the Trans Canada Highway, in order to use natural light to its fullest potential. Shortly after opening in July 2012 the building won a regional award for best new retail building, and is expected to consume approximately 19 percent less electricity per year than a conventional supermarket.

Designed by Allen Maurer Architects, Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical and refrigeration consulting services for Askew’s Uptown grocery store. The 32,000 sq. ft. building includes many integrated sustainable features, such as radiant in-slab heating and cooling and an advanced heat recovery system that uses waste heat from the store’s extensive refrigeration system to heat the store in winter and to pre-heat hot water all year round.  The store is also provided with a mixed mode ventilation system which provides 70% efficient air side heat recovery in mechanical mode and natural ventilation during the shoulder seasons.

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