Integral Group Releases Anti-Racism Task Force Action Plan

In June 2020 Integral Group made a commitment to pause, listen, and learn in our Black Lives Matter Statement within its Corporate Social + Environmental Responsibility (CSER) report.  Now is the time we commit to action.  

In 2020, the formation of Integral’s Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) was catalyzed by the tragic murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many other Black lives. The ARTF, comprised of 48 self-selected employees, came together and formulated an Action Plan using an outcomes-based approach that spans across four-time horizons: then, now, next, and future. 

The Action Plan was developed through open dialogue sessions and workshops with staff and a recommitment to our firm’s values Trust, Nurture, and Inspire.  The Action Plan recognizes that these values are meaningless if they are not aligned with embedded actions. Proactive and meaningful steps must be taken to ensure a just and inclusive workplace.  Integral Group must use its significant influence within our industry to create pathways of mobility and access for those who have been marginalized, under-resourced, and under-represented. 

Integral commits to standing in solidarity against all forms of racism, to keep the internal and external anti-racist dialogue going, and to embed meaningful actions into operational programs. We will lift the voices of others who are already leaders in this space, acknowledge that representation matters at all levels of leadership, and hold ourselves accountable by sharing the results from these actions in our annual CSER report. 

A diverse and inclusive employee community, rich with a wide array of perspectives, is a fundamental condition of innovation and resiliency in our firm. Through the implementation of employee-founded anti-racism initiatives, we resolve to be accountable to each other and to our community.

We invite our partners and colleagues to join us in the movement to become an anti-racist organization.  Integral Group hopes to inspire others, learn from those taking similar actions, and find ways to collaborate and partner.   As we continue to listen and learn from our peers in this space, we are also open to their feedback. Bringing this ambitious plan to life over the next nine years will include many iterations and revisions based on ongoing education and dialogue.

Please read our ARTF Action Plan below, and reach out to us with questions, feedback, or requests for anti-racism work collaboration at [email protected].