Anti-Racism Action Plan 2022 Update

Integral Group is proud to share an update to its Anti-Racism Action Plan (Action Plan) prepared by the Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) and  Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) team in collaboration with the Diversity Council and released in February 2022 in honor of and in synergy with the celebration of Black History Month in North America.

Integral Group also acknowledges that many days of diversity recognition equally relate to its commitment to anti-racism throughout the year. With that in mind, the lens of this Anti-Racism Action Plan transcends borders and pushes for progress within each operating region. By focusing on the specific anti-racism issues that are locally relevant, the Action Plan becomes even more embedded in Integral Group’s business operations and continues to evolve to meet changing needs and priorities of its staff, clients, and communities. This effort includes ongoing work on Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) in Canadian and Australian offices.

Please view the updated Anti-Racism Action Plan below or click here for an abridged version with 2022 updates only.


Upon its launch in February 2021, the Action Plan presented Integral Group’s commitment through actions over a Now, Next, Future timeline (present – 2030). The Action Plan outlines how the firm will create meaningful and measurable change and hold itself accountable by sharing results from the annual Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Report.

In 2021 Integral Group completed 15 actions from the plan, and seven more are currently in progress.

Highlights include:

  • Launched Integral Gives Program
    • Created a formalized approach to giving back to local communities focusing on underrepresented, minority, and under-resourced populations
  • Launched Employee Resource Groups
    • Established four base groups focusing on BIPOC employees, employee mental health, LGBTQIA+ employees, and womxn-identifying employees
  • Renewed Global Just2.0 Label
    • Reported organization- and employee-related data to demonstrate growth and pathways for change to be a more socially just and equitable firm
  • Equipped Hiring Managers and Teams with Census Data
    • Provided local race and ethnicity census data compared to current office demographics to help guide recruitment and identify areas of opportunity

All actions within the ARTF Action Plan align under five desired outcome statements from the CSER Report:

Anti-Racism Action Plan

A diverse and inclusive employee community, rich with a wide array of perspectives, is a fundamental condition of innovation and resiliency within the firm. Integral Group commits to standing in solidarity against all forms of racism, keeping the internal and external anti-racist dialogue going, embedding meaningful anti-racist actions into operational programs, and looking forward to creating an actively anti-racist future for the firm.