IG | VISION Air + Light: Future Resilience | Event Recording

How do we prepare buildings for climate change and other global challenges like COVID-19? The future is resilience.

Natural ventilation and daylighting promote occupant comfort, health, and well-being while reducing environmental impact and mitigating risk.

Join Senior Mechanical Designer Thomas Bamber and Associate Sean Casey as they explain the synergy between thermal and visual comfort and how both new and existing buildings can harness the powerful elements of Air + Light to shape a resilient future.

Watch Air + Light: Future Resilience

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IG | VISION is a live stream webinar series sharing innovation and thought leadership from subject matter experts across the globe at Integral Group, Elementa Consulting, Elementa Engineering, and Umow Lai. Spanning 5 countries and over 20 offices, these webinars aim to serve and connect our clients, partners, and colleagues all over the world.

This session included a 25-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q+A.