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Clark Pacific has partnered with Integral Group to develop the NetZERO Building Platform--a concept used to determine the most optimized combination of structure, mechanical, and facade systems to transform your project into carbon asset at reduced cost. The platform utilizes technologies in offsite fabrication, thermally massive radiant systems, and grid interactive thermal storage while accounting for whole life carbon to help attain the greatest building… Read more⇒


How can we enhance the patient experience through design? Design analytics tools are becoming increasingly powerful in shaping the form, orientation, and façade configuration of healthcare buildings to improve occupant amenity while maintaining focus on environmental performance. Join James Gungl and David Barker as they explore a patient-centered design optimizing the internal environment for a recent 80,000 m² hospital project. Gain leading-edge insights from recent… Read more⇒


Integral Group is pleased to announce the following recent promotions in the US East region leadership team: Stanton Stafford – Principal, Business Development Lead, US East Juli Abbott – Managing Principal, Atlanta Shreshth Nagpal – Managing Principal, New York Read more below about the individual contributions and accomplishments of each of these US East leaders: About Stanton Stanton Stafford has been the face of Integral’s… Read more⇒


The traditional metrics of reductions in site energy, source energy, and energy costs - that have served as benchmarks for high-performance buildings for decades – no longer provide a comprehensive picture of a building’s true environmental impact. Greenhouse gas emissions intensity (GHGI) associated with building energy use is, given what we know, the pertinent metric to quantify building operational performance. Read how Elementa Engineering Principal Shreshth… Read more⇒


Today’s designs pursue lofty performance goals for people, place, and planet. How can analytics support these goals while minimizing cost and complexity? Shaping the built environment involves a broad range of design considerations – from resource efficiency and green infrastructure to urban amenity and occupant satisfaction. Early intervention informed by targeted analytics can unlock high-performance design and protect stakeholders from costly retrofits, program delays, and… Read more⇒


Around the world, companies are making pledges to rapidly decarbonize. Battery storage will help make those promises reality. While the building industry continues to strive for Net Zero Energy goals, recent policies requiring all-electric building design are shifting the focus away from energy and onto carbon emissions. It is now more important than ever to consider how buildings will integrate with the carbon emissions goals… Read more⇒


What does wellness in the workplace look like in a COVID-19 reality? The British Council for Offices sets the global benchmark for Class A Office Space. In 2018 it launched Wellness Matters - an outcomes-based roadmap to support health and wellbeing in the workplace. Its three lead authors - Ed Garrod, James Pack, and Will Poole-Wilson came together to revisit its guidance, providing unique insights into… Read more⇒


In celebration of Earth Day, Integral Group Chief Sustainability Officer Megan White broke down Integral’s mission driven approach towards environmental design and corporate operations. This presentation will include a review of Integral’s annual environmental reporting (CSER) and details into the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. Additionally, Megan will highlight ways in which Earth is positively responding during the COVID-19 pandemic and… Read more⇒


The term Net Zero is gaining traction globally – but what does it mean to be truly Net Zero? Born from challenges of different local standards and approaches to this question, Elementa Consulting initiated the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) in 2017 to change London’s Energy Policy, a system that was failing to keep up with a rapidly decarbonizing electricity grid. Through determination and collaboration,… Read more⇒


District energy systems are gaining momentum across the globe. As traditional “heating-only” systems no longer meet current needs, Integral Group has developed innovative, “next generation” district energy solutions that offer stellar environmental performance. These systems provide both heating and cooling, flexibility to accommodate “low-carbon” and “low-exergy” sources, and cutting-edge energy conversion technologies. Using our local and global case studies, this presentation will introduce the “next… Read more⇒