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Every year, the World Green Building Council (WGBC) holds the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards to recognize leadership and excellence within the green building industry across the Asian Pacific. More specifically, the awards celebrate buildings with exceptional sustainability design and function, organizations that incorporate sustainable values into their core practice, and women who are leading the green agenda. ... Read more

Over the next 30 years, if we could reduce refrigerant leakage to 0.4% of refrigerant used, it would save 89.7 gigatons of CO2e.

By sharing our knowledge of current best practices we can accelerate the transformation of the built environment to meet our climate change obligations. This best practice guide is intended to help those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of building services to make well-informed decisions in the design of refrige... Read more

How do we prepare buildings for climate change and other global challenges like COVID-19? The future is resilience.

Natural ventilation and daylighting promote occupant comfort, health, and well-being while reducing environmental impact and mitigating risk. Join Senior Mechanical Designer Thomas Bamber and Associate Sean Casey as they explain the synergy between thermal and visual comfort and how both new and ex... Read more

How do we design lifts to evacuate occupants safely?

As building design standards are being transformed to incorporate accessibility design elements, one aspect of accessibility requirements have not been updated: evacuation in the event of an emergency. Our National Construction Code (NCC), the Building Code of Australia (BCA) is almost silent on how mobility-impaired occupants, the elderly or hospital patients may be evacuated vertically, other than providing them with stairs, which many are unable to use. Lifts assist all occ... Read more
Started in 2012, the Zak World of Façades conference series has grown to become a globally renowned event promoting new concepts, best practices, and current trends in the building envelope segment. Keeping the Australian architectural community connected with the latest trends in façade design and engineering, Zak World of Façades is pleased to announce the digital edition of their Australia series, with a series of keynote presentations, technical presentations, panel discussions, and workshops across this three-day affair.
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In the future net-zero carbon buildings will be driven not only by social responsibility but by policy and changing codes and standards. Now is the time to take action. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) ANZ Virtual Seminar – 2020 Vision for a 2030 Reality, brings experts from both sides of the Tasman to share exemplar case studies of regenerative and net-zero buildings and practices. It will also tackle future policy changes in Australia and New Zealand that building owners, managers ... Read more
The traditional metrics of reductions in site energy, source energy, and energy costs - that have served as benchmarks for high-performance buildings for decades – no longer provide a comprehensive picture of a building’s true environmental impact. Greenhouse gas emissions intensity (GHGI) associated with building energy use is, given what we know, the pertinent metric to quantify building operational performance. Read how Elementa Engineering Principal Read more