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Melbourne, Australia, January 2020 Leading Australian Building Services + Sustainability practice Umow Lai’s Melbourne office rebrands as Integral Group, a global Deep Green Engineering + Consulting firm. In 2021, Umow Lai’s Melbourne practice takes the final step in Umow Lai joining the Integral Group brand.  Umow Lai’s Sydney and Brisbane offices previously rebranded as Integral Group in January 2020. Umow Lai was founded in 1991 in Melbourne by George Umow and Dominic Lai and is a leading m... Read more

What does the future workplace look like in a COVID-19 reality?

Our work lives have already been disrupted by rapidly shifting technology. COVID-19 has only accelerated that change. Organizations successfully emerging from the pandemic are aggressively taking on digital and workspace transformation. Following the British Council for Offices (BCO) “Wellness Matters” report published in 2018, its three authors; Ed Garrod, James Pack, and Will Poole-Wilson revisit its guidance, providing unique insights i... Read more

London’s built environment sector risks falling ‘off track’ in achieving its environmental target, New London Architecture report warns

  • 85% of NLA Member survey respondents believe current policy and regulations are not compatible with zero carbon ambitions
  • Over 90% agree that the COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity to transform our way of life and transition to a 100% green economy
  • 60% answered that the next London Mayor should commit to making London carbon neutral by 2030
  • On... Read more

How can we enhance the patient experience through design?

Design analytics tools are becoming increasingly powerful in shaping the form, orientation, and façade configuration of healthcare buildings to improve occupant amenity while maintaining focus on environmental performance. Join James Gungl and David Barker as they explore a patient-centered design optimizing the internal environment for a... Read more
The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) is hosting its annual conference, Design-Build Conference & Expo 2020, from Wednesday, October 28, to Friday, October 30, 2020.This will be a virtual event. While we navigate new territories in the building industry since the onset of COVID-19, we are finding ways to get our industries back on track and seeking new ways to stimulate our economies. Design-build will play a significant part in our economic ... Read more