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Integral Group would like to congratulate Sustainability Consultants Kavita Gusain and Tatiana Schonhobel on their selection to participate in the 2021-2022 Property Council of Australia (PCA)’s National Mentoring Program. The 12-month PCA Mentoring Program offers industry professionals a unique opportunity to expand their professional networks and skillset in the building and construction industry. By attending seminars, events, online sessions, and w... Read more

Decarbonization is the future of the grid.

But how do you turn a zero-carbon vision into a reality that is both optimized technically and financially as well? Join Sam Brooks and James Perakis as they discuss how to bridge the gap between design analysis, financial performance, and procurement. As a Design Analytics practice leader, James explains how his team designs and models the zero-carbon vision ofRead more
Integral Group is proud to release its 2020 Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Report ("CSER Report"). This is the fourth publicly released annual report on Integral's commitment to the planet and its people through its global operations. The Report includes an introduction to the firm, its values, and shares CSER performance data for the 2020 calendar year. ​ The CSER initiative is guided by Integral's Deep Green mission to leave a legacy of positive impact on the world.  As ... Read more
Clark Pacific has partnered with Integral Group to develop the NetZERO Building Platform--a concept used to determine the most optimized combination of structure, mechanical, and facade systems to transform your project into carbon asset at reduced cost. The platform utilizes technologies in offsite fabrication, thermally massive radiant systems, and grid interactive thermal storage while accounting for whole life carbon to help... Read more
Integral Group’s Calgary team marked the occasion of occupying their new office space in the central downtown core of Calgary, AB. High up on the 26th floor of Telus Sky, the stunning, sustainably designed and fitted out office represents a strategic move for Integral, who are looking to bring their own brand of deep green building engineering to more and more clients in Calgary and the whole of Alberta. Integral played key roles in the engineering and sustainability goals of the b... Read more