A Study of Microgrids – Design for Cost vs Design for Resilience | Getting to Zero 2021

Oct 11, 2021

The Getting to Zero Forum is the premier event dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon buildings. With a growing number of climate emergencies across the United States and around the world, there is no more important time than now for the Getting to Zero Forum. It brings together the world’s leading experts to share best practice approaches to reducing energy demand…

IG VISION | Next Generation District Energy Systems

Mar 27, 2020

District energy systems are gaining momentum across the globe. As traditional “heating-only” systems no longer meet current needs, Integral Group has developed innovative, “next generation” district energy solutions that offer stellar environmental performance. These systems provide both heating and cooling, flexibility to accommodate “low-carbon” and “low-exergy” sources, and cutting-edge energy conversion technologies. Using our local…

BUILDEX Calgary 2018

Oct 19, 2018

BUILDEX Calgary is Alberta’s largest tradeshow and conference for the construction, renovation, architecture, interior design, and property management industries. With more than 175 exhibits and 40 accredited seminars, BUILDEX attracts 3,500 attendees annually. Integral Group is proud to be represented at BUILDEX Calgary by Principal Vladimir Mikler and Associate Melanie Ross as conference presenters. Next Generation District Energy Systems…