Symposium on Resilient Design for Buildings, Communities and Cities

Integral Group principal Dave Ramslie will present on the dangers from climate change, more frequent extreme weather events and resulting power outages that represent growing concerns for government agencies, building owners and design professionals. This session will explore how stakeholders are addressing resilience at multiple scales, assessing risks and responding through design strategies the scale of individual buildings, and at the city scale through infrastructure and waterfront design. The session will also present the inherent synergies between resiliency and sustainability.

Considering the scale of individual buildings, speakers will discuss approaches such as passive survivability, which allows buildings to remain usable in “unplugged mode” primarily through passive means (which enable efficient energy performance under normal operations). Speakers will also present new LEED pilot credits for resilient design. At the scale of urban and community design, speakers will examine resiliency concerns for infrastructure, fluvial processes and waterfronts, including policy concerns and design challenges underway in many cities around North America. The program will allow time for discussion and audience participation.

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Date(s): May 3, 2017

Time: 1PM - 5PM

Speaker: Dave Ramslie