Richard Palmer to Speak at Pathways to Carbon Positive

As a signatory to the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Australia needs to bring carbon emissions down. With buildings representing 23% of all emissions in Australia, we have a critical role to play to lead the delivery of a more sustainable built environment.

The Pathways to Carbon Positive seminar will discuss the key areas we need to address to decarbonise the built environment. How can we achieve Net Zero carbon buildings and what are the options and enablers for commercial, residential, industrial and government buildings, and precincts, to decarbonise?

Integral Group are proud to be represented in this seminar by Principal Richard Palmer in the panel:

The Role for Offsets in Any Pathway to Net Zero Life-Cycle Emissions

Session 5: How to Address Other Carbon Sources | 3:05PM – 3:20PM

Discussion Topics

  • The need for negative emissions on the IPCC 1.5 degree trajectory
  • Industry scepticism of offsets generally
  • Opportunities for land-based sequestration


  • Thomas Schroder, Head of Climate Action | South Pole
  • Monica Richter, Senior Manager, Low Carbon Future | WWF
  • Iain Smale, Managing Director | Pangolin Associates
  • Richard Palmer, Principal, Sustainability Consultant | Integral Group

Richard Palmer 300

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Date(s): November 11, 2019

Time: 3:05pm - 3:20pm

Speaker: Principal Richard Palmer