Net Zero 19

Partnering with International Living Futures Institute and US Green Building Council, Verdical Group presents Net Zero 19 on October 2-4, 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention center.

As the world’s largest annual net zero building conference, NZ19 is a carbon-neutral event featuring over 100 expert speakers, 40+ world-class education sessions, and 4 inspiring keynote speakers. Integral Group is proud to be partner sponsor of and exhibitor at NZ19, and represented by three of our California thought leaders in the following conference sessions:

Cooking Up ZNE Kitchens: A Recipe for High-Performing Buildings

Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm | Room 150B

As the number and types of buildings being designed as all-electric and net zero energy (NZE) expand, and we continue the transition towards a decarbonized future, one of the last frontiers for abandoning the use of natural gas use is in the food preparation industry. With energy use as high as 400 kBTU/SF/year, kitchen loads are significant.

Hear how an architect, a client, and two engineers are tackling “the kitchen problem”. These “kitchen experts” share some of their insights, experiences, research and struggles while advocating for and designing all electric kitchens as they work to break down the barriers to one of the last bastions of natural gas in buildings and install greener and healthier all-electric kitchens.


  • Pauline Souza, Partner and Director of Sustainability | WRNS Studio
  • Katie Ross, Senior Sustainability Program Manager | Microsoft
  • David Kaneda, Principal | Integral Group
  • Steve Gross, Senior Energy Analyst & Mechanical Engineer | Interface Engineering

About David

David Kaneda 300px

As a recognized expert on building energy efficiency and sustainable electrical, lighting and daylighting systems, David brings distinctly out of the box, innovative thinking to the table. He has been a Design Principal for dozens of LEED Platinum, AIA COTE Top 10 and net zero energy buildings, including the first net zero energy commercial office building in the United States.

He is a professional engineer, a Fellow in the AIA, a LEED Fellow, an MBA, a UK – Chartered Engineer and a European Engineer. He has over three decades of experience in the design of electrical systems for buildings.

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ZED Talk | Embodied Carbon: It Really is That Big a Deal

Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 3:15 pm – 4:30pm | Room MR408 B

It is important for professionals responsible for the built environment to be pushing for Net Zero buildings and the reduction of the operational carbon of a building; but that is not enough. The impact of embodied carbon overshadows operational carbon and it is often overlooked.

During the presentation, participants will learn about the impacts of operational and embodied carbon and the strategies used to measure each. In addition, this presentation will discuss considerations around the life cycle impact of building and material reuse versus operational energy in creating a total carbon story using project case studies as examples. Embodied carbon really is that big of a deal and we should be looking for ways to reduce the embodied carbon impact in our work.


About Nika


Nika is a Principal with over 10 years of experience. Her technical skills aligned with her dedication to sustainable design has made her instrumental in the growth Integral Group has experienced. Passionate about sustainable strategy, Nika encourages clients to envision options and opportunities to deliver inventive solutions that surpass performance goals. This drives the team’s focus to provide cost effective, energy efficient, and sustainable electrical designs. She has served as project manager on dozens of successful projects, including the Robert Redford Conservancy project, a renovation of an abandoned 1930s infirmary into a Zero Net Energy and LEED Platinum-targeted education facility.

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About Nura

Nura Darabi 300

Nura is an Associate with Integral Group with over seven years of engineering experience. She is driven by a passion for energy efficiency and the environment, with leading experience in the areas of building simulation, energy modeling and life cycle cost. She has experience in analyzing potential impacts or savings in energy use and carbon emissions associated with design decisions on a building, campus, and master plan scale. She is also skilled in embodied energy assessments, a skill she used to complete a total carbon study of a Zero Net Energy existing building reuse for DPR Construction’s San Francisco office.

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Date(s): October 3, 2019

Speaker: David Kaneda, Principal | Nika Parsa, Principal | Nura Darabi, Associate