Living Future 22: Restoration + Justice

The Living Future 2022 Conference unites a community of deep-green thought leaders, practitioners, and healthy materials providers focused on the built environment. Join the conference online May 2-13, 2022 for inspiration and knowledge sharing as we collaboratively address solutions to our climate emergency, environmental and materials health, and share insights and strategies for rectifying racial inequities and injustices in our communities.

Integral Group is proud to be represented at Living Future 22 in the following two sessions:

Living Future 22

Centering Justice and Communities in Our Pursuit for a More Sustainable Future

Monday, May 2, 2022 | 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM PT

This session explores the partnering of design for justice and sustainability practices in the context of an ongoing planning process for an urban development project in the Pacific Northwest. Panelists will highlight the role of sustainability advocacy in bringing design justice frameworks into project planning and share initial learnings in collaboration, including the role of shared language and frameworks that challenge systems of exclusion within the design. Participants will learn about firsthand challenges and successes in re-centering marginalized communities. The session will conclude with a reflective workshop for participants to identify and apply elements of this approach in their own ongoing work.

Learning Objectives

  • Expand the language used in the sustainability sector to be inclusive of learnings from a design for justice lens
  • Identify key mental models challenging community-centered design efforts
  • Become empowered to raise the importance around justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion on our projects
  • Understand how design for justice and sustainability can support each other on the path toward environmental justice within the built environment

Continuing Education
This session has been approved for the following continuing education credits:

  • 1 General LFA CE Credit
  • 1 AIA LU|HSW

Session Panelists

Kevin Hydes

Living Building Challenge as a Climate Resilience Hub

Thursday, May 5, 2022 |  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PT

Climate resilience is a systems problem. How do we get to buildings, communities, and a society that is resilient, sustainable, and just? The ILFI community is a hub in the network that’s helping to make that happen, just as our projects are part of the solution. In this conversation, two leading thinkers on resilience will share what they’ve learned about building adaptive capacity in the built environment and in communities, integrating intuition with data to guide solutions. We’ll then draw on experiences and ideas from participants, generating a facilitated conversation about how we can all expand our lens to encompass increase resilience in the many overlapping systems we call home.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the synergies between climate resilience and climate justice at the community scale
  • Explain how the energy efficiency needed for passive house or net-zero performance contributes to resilience, both in a building and on the electricity grid
  • Explain the difference and symbiosis between impact mitigation on projects and climate change mitigation globally
  • Describe what it means to provide habitable human settlements across a wide range of current and future conditions

Session Panelists

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Date(s): May 2, 2022

Speaker: Chair + Founder Kevin Hydes; Principal Marilyn Specht; Chief Sustainability Officer Megan White