Façade Tectonics 2018 World Congress

Join Integral Group Associate Principals, Michael Martinez and Stet Sanborn at Facade Tectonics 2018 World Congress on March 12-13, 2018 at the University of Southern California. This event seeks to take the ongoing discussion around improving building skins and performance into action and initiatives, featuring a wide cross section of industry and academic thought leaders exploring integrated building façades as a holistic design process.

Facade Tectonics                     Facade Tectonics

Michael and Stet will be co-presenting their case study on Integral Group’s Xilinx Headquarters Renovation project in Session 1 | Energy & Sustainability:

Accelerating Replicable ZNE Retrofits Through High Performance Façades | Monday, March 12, 2018 – 8:30am

The transformation of a dark and inhumane 1970s tilt-up concrete office building into a high performance, light-filled modern workplace was enabled by a thoughtful retrofit of the existing envelope. By sculpting the existing building skin into a healthy, high performing filter of light, heat, and air, the resultant building aims for net zero energy cost and also achieved substantial carbon savings through reuse of the existing, high-footprint building.

While initially seen as individual efficiency measures, the design team discovered the interdependent relationships between seemingly disparate energy saving design measures and optimized the cascading set of decisions that enabled this design transformation.

To learn more about this event and to register, please visit Façade Tectonics 2018 World Congress.

Date(s): March 12, 2018

Time: 8:30am

Speaker: Michael Martinez, Associate Principal & Stet Sanborn, Associate Principal