Ed Garrod Joins Speaker Line up at Greenbuild Europe 2018

Ed Garrod joins the speaker line up at Greenbuild Europe 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Ed will presenting on the concept “When is Zero, Zero”;

Net zero carbon or net zero energy commercial buildings are low rise, low energy-density, on unrestricted sites with ready access to wind, biomass and/or solar resources. Designing net zero carbon and energy efficient buildings on inner-city, restricted sites with high energy density is far more difficult and may require strategies that extend beyond the site boundary. The vast majority of our buildings are in towns and cities, is net zero energy an overly ambitious target to set? It is, after all, an arbitrary target: why zero? Why not minus 20% or +8%? And should it be zero energy, zero carbon or zero emissions? The presentation will detail how practitioners can assess net zero projects; in particular, the benefits of developing a deep understanding of plug loads and occupancy profiles, and by discussing dual certification and use of the LEED Alternative Compliance Path for projects obtaining zero carbon status in BREEAM. Practitioners will explain these targets along with the successes and the lessons learned from targeting net zero, detail relative merits of setting net zero energy targets compared to net zero carbon targets, and the associated implications for building design, performance and use.

Click here to register for the event: http://greenbuild.usgbc.org/europe

Date(s): April 11, 2018

Time: 11:15

Speaker: Ed Garrod and Emily Loquidis